Olive Points - OliveShop's Free Reward System!

Olive Points is a free program that rewards you for shopping.

Opening an account at OliveShop, automatically makes you a member to the program, and you can earn points for shopping the things that you like. Then you can redeem those points at the checkout stage... The more you shop, the faster your points, and special benefits, will pile up.

We believe Olive Points is a simple, fun and exciting, new way to shop.

But it does not stop there. We have thought of many ways, to give you more Olive Points, that you can redeem on free products, at OliveShop. Write your own review or put a tag on a product, add your email to our newsletter... you even get Olive Points for opening a simple account!


The Olive Points Distribution

We couldn’t make it simpler. For every euro (€) spent on OliveShop, you win one Olive Point!

But, it's not only that. We thought of introducing some mathematics, to such a simple equation, to make it more exciting.

So, we decided to develop this small ‘points ladder’. I,e: Reward you more Olive Points, the more you shop online! So,

  • For orders between 50-99 euro, you gain an extra 50 Olive Points
  • For orders between 100-199 euro, you gain an extra 100 Olive Points
  • For orders between 200-299 euro, you gain an extra 200 Olive Points, and
  • For orders over 300 euro, you gain 300 extra Olive Points.


Example: If you add 55 euro worth of items in your shopping cart, then you don’t just receive 55 Olive Points. You get 55+50 = 105 Olive Points. And, if you raise you shopping cart's worth, to 105 euro, then you will earn 105+100 = 205 Olive Points!


Tips to easily get extra Olive Points

At OliveShop, we value very much your presence at our website. So we decided, to give back to you, as much Olive Points as possible,  not only as a gratitude for shopping at our environment, but also because we want you to assist us on improving us and our community. So, we thought of starting offering Olive Points, for the following actions:

Write a review and Rate a Product: 15 Olive Points. We would like to hear your opinion about our products. Olive Points for Reviewing product We also believe, that other people like you, would also be interested on reading your reviews.  So, we will happily give you an extra 15 Olive Points, if you buy a product from us, and be gentle enought to return and leave some feedback.

Tagging a Product: 5 Olive Points. We try to make our catalog, as much informative and relative to your needs, as possible. And we believe, that by tagging a product, you assist not only us, but every visitor, as well, to find faster, what they seek. So, why not getting an extra 5 Olive Points, for every approved tag, then?

NewsLetter Signup: 20 Olive Points. We are not spammers, and we hate it, like you. Thus, we have a very strict policy about our newsletter, which, to our eyes, is and should be, the ‘Good Morning with a smile' gesture from us to you. And, we don’t want to endanger the relationship of trust, we are trying to build with you. So, instead of frequent, useless, spammy emails,  we promise to send you a newsletter, that will reflect our Philosophy,  maintaining sky-high, two standards. The Aesthetics and... the Offers. :-)  Oh, and we will give you 20 extra Olive Points, just to sample our newsletter.

Referring a friend: 100 Olive Points. When we started, we decided to put the levels of Quality and Customer Support very high. Based on that, we believe that, if we succeed on keeping you happy (we will also try to keep you healthy, but that is mostly up to you), then you can become our Brand Ambassador. So, if you found satisfactory your experience at OliveShop, why not share it and gain from that, as well. Because, for every person you will refer and places an order, we will offer you 100 Olive Points. And, we promise to keep them satisfied, like we did with you! :-)

Finally, did we mention, that apart from opening an account, and getting 15% Discount, for doing that… you also win 30 Olive Points? Yeap! So, open an account now, and you will find 30 Olive Points waiting for you, to play with! (Oh, and don’t forget to add your email to our list, and gain 20 more Olive Points, and sum them up to 50 pretty easily!).


Using your Olive Points

We have initiated two types of redeeming your Olive Points. The Catalog Plan and the Shopping Cart Plan.

Getting discounts on specific products (catalog plan):

From time to time, we are giving incentives to shop various products from our catalog. By using your Olive Points, you can receive discounts for specific products, either by percentage (for example, use 100 Olive Points, to get an extra 10% Discount), or by fixed price (i.e. for every 50 Olive Points you use, you get instantly 3 euro off the price). So search around OliveShop, and you might get a special discount, just for having Olive Points.


Getting discounts on the Shopping Cart Plan :

We believe we couldn't make the whole shopping process more easier and entertaining. than it is right now! Just add the products that you like on your shopping cart, click to visit your shopping cart, and discover the exciting Olive Points Slider tool,  that is waiting for your, to play with and adjust the discounts, to your needs. Alternatively, you can tick the ‘Maximize my discount with points’ to receive the maximum discount available, that you can get, for your shopping cart!!

Olive Points on specific products