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Olive Shop is an online boutique of Olive Products. We collect premium extra virgin olive oils, organic olive oils, black and green olives, olive cosmetics and almost everything that is produced from the Olive tree.

OliveShop is based in Athens. Greece is consider the capital on the quality of olive oil, as almost 85% of the total olive oil production, is extra virgin olive oil, which is the premium category. The Greeks are the largest per capita consumers of olive oil worldwide, with over 26 liters, per person every year, followed by Italy and Spain, at almost 14 liters per person and Portugal, at around 8. North American people consume far less, than that, at around 0,6 liters per person, every year.


"Since, we are based in Athens, Greece, we have an extra reason to be more passionate at what we do, as the name of our city, Athens, was given to us by Goddess Athina, in exchange for an olive tree, according to Mythology"

Olive Oil lover.. and founder

Our Selection Policy

At OliveShop, we have a strict selection policy on picking only the ultra premium olive oils and distributing them globally. Every product should meet two basic requirements.

1. It should carry all the Quality (ISO, HACCP, FDA, EFQM, etc) and Organic Certifications, and

2. It must have won, at least one large Olive Oil Quality Competition (for example, Mario Solinas Competition, Biol International Olive Oil Competition, Kotinos Competition, etc.)

The Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil is considered to be one of the rare natural oils that can preserve the taste, the vitamins, the aroma and its important nutritional properties intact for a long time. In fact, it is renowned to be the only vegetable oil that can be consumed as it is.

Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oils contain monounsaturated fats which are known to lower the LDL or the bad cholesterols in your blood, thus preventing numerous heart problems. According to research studies, individuals who consume two table spoons of olive oil daily, greatly reduce their chances of heart strokes. Apart from assisting people on keeping away from heart diseases, it can also minimize the risks of cardiovascular disorders and certain types of cancers, while it reduces aging at Cellular level.